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Con noi puoi prenotare tour guidati lungo i sentieri dell’Appennino Tosco-Emiliano, oppure noleggiare una delle nostre e-bike per vivere la tua avventura in totale indipendenza.
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Frequent questions

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Our answers and suggestions

Who manages and organises the E-xplora tours?

All the proposed itineraries are organised and managed by the E-xplora team in close collaboration with local tour operators. In any case, the E-xplora team will always be the point of reference for any questions and needs of each participant.

What is the minimum and maximum number of participants?

We consider a minimum of 3 participants as a basis but evaluate the group on a case-by-case basis.
It is our intention to open our excursions to a small number of participants (maximum 4 – 5 people per guide), so that everyone can correctly approach the efficient use of our e-bikes and deepen the riding technique, constantly guaranteeing adequate safety conditions.

Can I book a tour even if I am alone?

Certainly! If you want to meet people for sharing experiences and interests, our group tours are just the thing for you. You will be accompanied by our experienced local guide, who will always be ready to show you the right route and the most beautiful views of the area. The itinerary programme includes various guided tours and stops at selected places to eat.

How do I get to the meeting point?

As far as the journey to Bologna is concerned, you must make your own arrangements with your preferred means of transport (car, train, plane). In the description of the itineraries, we will indicate the meeting points from which we will depart: if you can’t get to the starting point, you can request our E-xplora shuttle service.
For the return journey, if the tour ends at a different location from your departure point, you can choose whether to continue on your own to your destination or take advantage of our shuttle service, and we will take you back to your base.
The E-xplora shuttle service is available on request for an additional fee to be agreed in advance (conditions may vary depending on distance and number of participants to be transferred).

What happens if it rains or threatens bad weather?

Our itineraries are in mountainous terrain, and while we make every effort to ensure that your holiday is perfect, we must allow for a certain degree of unpredictability in the elements. With technical clothing suitable for rain, you can still easily overcome a day of bad weather. However, we reserve the right to cancel events in the event of conditions that are inadequate to guarantee the safety of participants.

What happens if a route becomes impassable?

Imponderable factors such as weather conditions, the state of the terrain or the group’s riding ability could affect the viability of the routes. We are experienced guides and our job is to constantly assess the situation, making changes to the route where and when we feel it is appropriate, in order to always guarantee your enjoyment in total safety.
We will never tire of repeating that it is essential and mandatory to respect the highway code.

How should I dress and what should I bring?

We recommend that you wear technical cycling clothing (breathable jerseys and shorts or dungarees with padded inserts) and equip yourself with a helmet, a pair of gloves appropriate for the season and possibly a pair of sports glasses (with sunglasses or protective lenses at your discretion).
The use of a helmet is mandatory for your safety and we recommend that you never ride without adequate head protection. E-xplora offers a rental service for helmets and specific protections for knee and elbow joints.
Our routes run through mountainous terrain so, depending on the time of year, you may need sun protection appropriate to your skin type, a light waterproof jacket or a cape to deal with wind or sudden rainfall.
We recommend that you bring your own water bottle and possibly your favourite salt supplement to keep you hydrated, especially on hot days.

How do I know if a route is within my reach?

We have designed courses suitable for different levels of preparation and together we evaluate the one best suited to your abilities: this is a delicate task for which we need your cooperation and sincerity.
Below you will find the definitions with which we identify the skills and expertise required to tackle the different types of route. If some technical passages require it, extra effort may be needed, but don’t worry, we are ready to assist you.
You have a minimum of mountain biking experience, own your own bike and ride at least once a month. You know how to steer the bike, but you have no specific technical and athletic training.
You ride uphill and downhill on road and off-road, and sometimes you venture out on forest trails. You feel comfortable riding for up to three or four hours.
You have been mountain biking regularly for at least one to two years and ride once a week. You have good athletic training and advanced riding skills.
You know how to steer the bike over rough terrain and medium-tech single track with demanding ascents and descents, but in some critical sections you tend to get off the bike.
You have been mountain biking for at least three years and ride two or three times a week. You have good athletic training and excellent riding technique.
You can read the terrain instinctively, you have perfect awareness of how to handle the bike in different situations such as small jumps, steep and very technical trails both uphill and downhill and you rarely descend to tackle complex passages.

How many types of itineraries are planned?

We have designed four categories of tours, each of which can include itineraries suitable for different abilities and skills (see previous question):
E-XPLORA TRAIL, two or more days routes.
E-XPLORA DAY, one-day route.
E-XPLORA DAY BO, one-day itineraries, starting and returning in the centre of Bologna.
MY E-XPLORA, customised itineraries, designed according to specific customer requirements.
Please note: not all categories include routes in each of the three skill levels.

How do I book an E-xplora Day or E-xplora Trail tour?

Check the dates in the calendar and choose by clicking on your preferred tour date. The booking system will send us your request, to which we will reply by e-mail to the address you have given us, attaching our confirmation with all the details.
For E-XPLORA TRAIL we require a deposit of 30% of the total amount agreed at the time of booking. The balance must be paid without further reminder within 10 days (*) of the departure of the tour.
For E-XPLORA DAY we require payment of 100% of the total amount agreed at the time of booking. Reservations must be completed no later than 5 days (*) before the event date.

(*) If the date of the tour you wish to participate in falls before the balance due, please contact us anyway to check availability.

Are your rates VAT inclusive? Do you apply reductions?

All prices are in Euros including VAT and are always per person for the services indicated.
Services not listed are not included in the price and must be paid for separately.
Children receive an age-dependent discount.

What services are included in an escorted group tour?

Participation in an E-xplora tour includes:

  • the rental of a top-of-the-range Thok or Ducati e-bike, among those available in our fleet
  • accompaniment by a professional guide throughout the trip
  • transport of bicycles and people from the places of departure and arrival to the host structures, using the E-xplora shuttle service
  • bed and breakfast in hotels / B&B
  • transferring luggage from facility to facility
  • information material for the trip
  • liability cover “always included”, guaranteed by our guides, who are registered with the National MTB Academy

The category of accommodation and any additional services are listed in the detailed description of each itinerary.

What type of accommodation is provided on multi-day itineraries?

Overnight accommodation with breakfast in affiliated establishments, such as 3 or 4-star hotels and B&Bs. The category of accommodation is indicated in the itinerary description.
We will take care of booking all accommodation for the duration of the trip. After a day’s cycling a comfortable room will await you for a restful sleep so that you can fully enjoy the next day.
In the morning you’ll find a tasty, hearty breakfast to get your day off to a good start.
When choosing our partners, we select quality establishments with a preference for family-run establishments. We prefer small accommodation facilities that offer a friendly and attentive service. Each facility has a closed and secure room for storing e-bikes.

How can I transport my luggage from one accommodation to another?

You’ll be able to ride your bike carefree and avoid unnecessary strain on your back. During the course of the day, we will collect your luggage from the hotel and transfer it to your next accommodation, where you will find it by early afternoon. Ride light and take only what you need for the route, without having to give up your favourite book for the evening.
Please bear in mind that your baggage will be handled several times during the trip, so we recommend that you use easy-to-handle, sturdy bags or suitcases. For logistical reasons, the number of pieces of luggage is limited to one per person, with a maximum weight of 15 kg.

Is insurance cover provided?

The services offered by E-xplora are guaranteed by adequate insurance coverage:

  • Liability “always included” on accompanied tours, guaranteed by our guides who are members of the National MTB Academy.
  • “Optional” third party liability combined with the e-bike rental service for independent adventures.
  • “Optional” third party liability insurance + Kasko insurance that can be combined with the e-bike rental service, so that you can enjoy your adventures independently and with complete peace of mind.

All relevant information can be found in the prospectus available at the head office or at the E-xplora Points.

What should I do if my bike breaks down during the tour?

Our e-bikes are checked regularly and are characterised by their comfort and high performance. Nevertheless, it is not possible to avoid punctures or inconveniences along the route. In such cases, our guide will take care of you.
In case of more serious problems, our E-xplora Shuttle mobile service is available.

What happens if my bike is stolen, lost or damaged?

In the case of theft, loss or total damage due to improper and/or negligent behaviour on the part of the customer to whom the bike is entrusted, the customer must reimburse E-xplora Srl for the commercial value of the e-bike at that time. In the case of theft, the customer is obliged to report it to the competent police force.
The customer also undertakes to indemnify E-xplora srl for any damage caused to the rented vehicle or parts thereof due to improper use or inexperience and/or vandalism. The repair will be charged to the customer according to the current repair price list.

Can I use my e-bike?

Of course, you are always welcome even if you decide to participate with your own bike! In that case we have a few suggestions for you:

  • charge the battery!
  • remember your battery charger with connection cables!
  • we recommend a general check of your e-bike before departure
  • set up your e-bike so that it complies with general safety regulations
  • thoroughly check the mechanics of the bike with a specialist before the trip: in particular brakes, transmission, gearbox, engine and suspension
  • bring tools for any repairs and spare inner tubes: we are of course stocked, but cannot provide specific parts or tools for all bike models
  • we will transport your e-bike during transfers at no extra charge, but we would like to make you aware that the fixing structures on our shuttle have been specifically set up to anchor the frames of bicycles belonging to our fleet. We will make every effort to take good care of your bike, but we cannot accept any responsibility for minor damage or malfunctions resulting from the transport of bikes that are not our property.
  • Participants who decide to use their own e-bike are fully responsible for the supervision and securing of their equipment during refreshment stops and accommodation in affiliated facilities.
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